Refund Policy

A large portion of our carrier tickets, hotels, prepaid auto rentals, vacation packages, insurance products come with an excursion bundles and administration expenses which are by and large non-refundable however we can attempt to help on the off chance that if it is within 24 hours of booking. Trip assurance protection is refundable inside 10 days of procurement if travel has not started and you have called our client administration or customer service number, focus on crossing it out. All cancellations must be done via telephone as it was. We can acknowledge discount asks if the accompanying conditions have been met:

  1. You have applied for a cancellation and refund with us and if the fare rules provide for cancellation and refunds, we would surely help
  2. You are not a “no show” (most “no show” bookings are ineligible for any waiver from suppliers for refund processing)
  3. We will be able to assist if we are able to secure waivers from the suppliers to process this requested cancellation and refund.

We can’t give a particular course of events to what extent it might take for the requested refund to be processed. All discount/refund solicitations are prepared in a consecutive organization and in a sequential format. When you have given to our client administration specialist or customer care representative with your cancellation demand, we will then send you an email notice that your solicitation has been received. This notice does not consequently qualify you for a discount. This exclusive gives you an affirmation of your solicitation and gives you the following tracking number.
Upon the supply of your solicitation or request we will work with the suppliers, for example, aircraft, lodgings, hotels, insurance companies, auto rental organizations to create a waiver in view of carrier/airline and other supplier controls, and advise you of the supplier choice. Our administrations/service charges connected with the travel reservation or booking are not refundable. If you please don’t mind kindly take note of that, we are also reliant on the suppliers for accepting the refunds. Once the discount or refund has been affirmed by the supplier it might require extra investment or time for this to show up on your credit/debit card explanation or the card account statement. Generally, all suppliers will charge a penalty for the refund or discount and likewise, this whole procedure may also take 60-90 days from the receipt of your solicitation to show up on your account statements.

  1. Apart from the airlines and other suppliers refund penalties, will charge a post-ticketing services fee, as applicable.
  2. All refund fees are charged on per ticket per person basis. These fees will only be assessed if a refund has been authorized by the supplier or a waiver has been received and when the airline/supplier rules permit such refunds.
  3. If such refund is not processed by the supplier, we may refund you our post-ticketing service fees applicable
  4. For Compassion cases, Customers serving in the U.S. military, senior citizens, customers between the age of 16-25 or affected by bereavement, customers with disabilities or terminal illness, or have been affected by natural disasters may receive a discount off cancellation, refund or ticket change service fees
  5. For Processing the refund we may ask you to provide your personal details again as a security reason, just to ensure, that we are processing the right request and to ensure proper customer service
  6. does not include Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) under its Cancellation & Refund Policy. It means that the tickets booked for an LCC are non-refundable even when the customer cancels it within 4 hours of booking

In the unlikely event that you find a lower rate on or on another U.S.-based website for the same itinerary within 24 hours of booking with, we will either cancel your current itinerary and provide you a full refund, or refund you the entire difference in price. You will need to provide documentation that all the elements of the lower offer, including, without limitation, the departure and arrival dates and locations, airline, class, fare, cancellation policy, hotel room, hotel rate and car class are the same as the itinerary you booked with us and available for booking online. Once we’ve verified that the information provided meets the requirements of the service, we will process a full refund of the price difference between the lower offer and the price of the itinerary you booked with us, or, at your option, cancel the itinerary you booked with us and refund to you the entire amount paid.
The following offers are not subject to Military, Student, Government, Tour Operator Fares, Bulk Rate or an airline’s “Web Only” fare.

For more Information, you can contact our 24X7 Toll-Free Customer Care Center and we would be glad to help you.

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